Put an end to your procrastination

"TL;DR - a book about productivity by a procrastination master" is a book for everyone who said to themselves: I will start working on my project tomorrow, and tomorrow never came!
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What's Inside

First, the backstory: I struggled almost all my adult life with productivity. As a morning person, I woke up early but it was almost impossible to leave bed before 11am and get things done. I've read so many books about the subject, and tried all their tools and tricks. But it either didn't work or just worked for a week or two before I fell back to my old unproductive routine.My frustration grew to the point where I just gave up, and convinced myself that this is who I am and there is no point in trying. Frankly, suddenly things started to change a bit. Some days I would wake up so early with no alarm, full of energy and ready to get sh*t done. And some other days no matter how hard I try, things went the old rocky way.In this book there is no secret formula, or magical trick that will change you overnight. What may work for me, will not necessarily work for you. This book is about running an experiment, your experiment. Hopeful will not only help you learn about yourself, but also create your own formula and your own magical trick.

Who is this book for

Who is this book for? Mostly for people like me, software engineers, Indie Hackers and makers. Who has a huge motivation to build businesses and products, but things keep falling apart quickly and progress gets lost between the cracks.

Why should you read this book

This book started as a personal challenge to overcome my procrastination problem. I was swinging between total procrastination and absolute workaholism. There is not big difference between both, with procrastination I was frustrated and with workaholism I wasn't happy so I then fall back to procrastination. I believed deep inside that there is a middle ground, a sweet spot where I can balance a sustainable work style with happiness and inner peace.

I'm neither a NYT best seller, nor do I have a Phd in psychology. I didn't spend a decade studying human behavior, and writing hundreds of articles about it. I'm just like you, had enough of myself and wanted to change. And that's why you should read this book!

Table of Contents

-- Who is it for?
-- Who am I?
-- Another one! aren't there enough books about this?

-- Stop beating yourself up
-- Find the leach
-- The illusion of knowledge
-- Procrastination is not your problem
-- The devil lives in your pocket

-- Roadmap
-- Systems VS Goals
-- Treat yourself like one of your startups
-- Routine & decision making
-- The power of friction
-- How to structure your day
-- Distraction, intermittent fasting

-- Cheatsheet
-- Resources and references
About The Author

Hey! I'm @jamalx31, a full-stack developer by trade but a maker by heart. Founder of Kaukab.io and creator of Moufette.

I share everything I learn through my journey to bootstrap my business on my blog, Twitter and IndieHakcers
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