(Un)finished Business

Newsletter Issue #

Hey friends,

It's almost 3 am here. I've been trying to finish my first "startup" as part of my 12-in-12 challenge, it doesn't look as great as I want it to be, but I guess it's a good start. So say hi to tweety.app

But wait, the challenge didn't start yet! I actually did this before. I mean, I had built stuff like this already, there is nothing new here. The ugly truth is that almost every product I've made so far died the moment I launched it on ProductHunt or even before.

If it takes ten steps to build a successful business, then I've been repeating the first five steps over and over again; I always quit halfway, and I've never practiced the rest of the steps.

So the real challenge for me this time is not building but actually to promote, market, and monetize what I build. With tweety.app, I want to practice that part, the other steps I was avoiding since the dawn of time 😶

Here's what I'm going to do this week:

1. Create a paid version of Tweety: by "create" I mean adding a paid option with a list of features I think people would pay for and see how many signups it gets (validation).

2. Promote the landing page, share it through every possible channel, and improve it as the feedback comes through.

3. Is there anything else I should do? Please hit the reply button and let me know!

Have a wonderful week!