Themed days

Newsletter Issue #

Hey friend,

As a dev, I always find myself spending more time coding than anything else. But as an Indie Hacker, I must do other stuff; marketing, promoting, writing, and talking to customers. So last week, I decided to adopt the "themed days" strategy.​

What are themed days? Themed days are strategically planned days in your calendar, which are completely dedicated to one single thing. It's the same strategy that Elon musk follows to split his time between Tesla and SpaceX. But I'm not running billion-dollar companies yet, so for now, here's how my themed days look like:

Monday: Coding

Tuesday: Coding

Wednesday: Writing / Learning

Thursday: Coding

Friday: Housekeeping / Reflecting

Saturday: Marketing / SEO

Sunday: Writing

I'm just one week in, and it really feels good; I think I've been super productive comparing to the past two months. Plus, the themes force me to do more of the things I wasn't doing before (or was avoid doing πŸ‘€). And since I'm working on now, instead of spending the whole week coding, I had to pause on Saturday to do some marketing, so I went on and shared what I've already built on IndieHackers & Reddit to get some feedback and break out of my dev shell 🐚.

The feedback has been great so far, and it will definitely help me improve not only my product but also myself as a maker, so please keep it coming!​

Have a great week πŸš€


Other exciting things from last week

Last week, I started to build my "flow network", a system where I can capture interesting bits of all the content I consume (books, articles, newsletters, and podcasts) so I can compile/recycle it and use it to create my own content. I'm going to write a blog post about it, so more about that later. For now, if you like listening to podcasts, check out Airr, it's an excellent iOS (& free) podcast player that lets you save highlights and quotes from podcasts.​

Quote of the week

"Systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly. Goals are for people who care about winning once." -- James Clear