The Coding Trap

Newsletter Issue #

Hey friends,

In last week's issue, I talked about implementing the themed days' strategy to eliminate context switching and force myself to do other stuff and not just coding. During the week, it made me think about why I didn't do this before and why I was spending all my time coding. It led me to one question: Is coding a procrastination trap? I decided to write a full blog post about it and try to find the answer.

Would love to hear your thought about the subject, so here it is:Is coding a procrastination trap?

What about Hatchy?

Besides optimizing the app for Mobile, I spent a lot of time figuring out Hatchy's unique value proposition and target audience, or at least what I think it should be. For the UVP, Hatchy going to focus on two things:

  1. Finding the optimal time for you to post on Twitter based on your followers' timezone/active time. (there is a lot of work here)
  2. The writing experience and helping users write higher quality content in less time.

Regarding the target audience, I'm going to focus on helping Indie Hackers and small businesses, which many are trying to promote their SaaS, info-products, or build an audience. So this week's goal is to reshape the app to reflect that.​

Have a great week!

My Favourite Things This Week

I enjoy writing and want to improve this skill, so five days ago, I started the #100DaysOfWriting challenge. Surprisingly, I wrote three blog posts drafts in those five days, which would take me weeks otherwise. If you'd like to join, reach out and let's do it!​

Quote of the week

"Those who think they can and those who think they can't are both usually right." – Confucius.