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Newsletter Issue #

Hey friends,

If you are reading this, that means I didn't screw things up while migrating my email list from Convertkit to MailerLite (why? dm for details).

Anyhoo, it's already issue #11 🤯. I can't thank all 120 of you enough for sticking around and joining me on this journey. I really hope my emails add some value to your inbox even if it's a tiny bit. (if that isn't the case, please reply to this email and help me make it better).
Last week I shared with you my post "Is coding a procrastination trap?". I was thrilled with the feedback, and how many of you resonated with it! And since I started using Themed day two weeks ago, I thought it could be a good way to break out of the coding trap. So I wrote a blog post draft about themed days (google doc) if you want to check it out, and feel free to leave me any comments.

What about Hatchy?

In last week's issue, I mentioned the main two values I want to focus on:
1. Finding the optimal time for you to post on Twitter
2. A great writing experience

My plan for this week is to create a "promotional" video to demonstrate that. I want to use that video not only for marketing but also a way to validate the value proposition. 🤞🤓

My Favourite Things This Week

I start using Alfred app. If you have macOS, this app is a must! Seriously, it's Spotlight on steroids.
It's swift and full of super cool features, Snippets is my favourite. Instead of typing my email all the time I type ";gm" and boom it replaces it with my full email. It's the best way to save things you need to type all the time, emails, links, address details, etc. Give it a try. You will thank me later.

Have a wonderful week,

Quote of the week

I've learned there is no formula for success; the world moves too fast for any formula to last, and people are far too creative-always iterating and finding a better way. (Mikkel Svane - Startupland)