12 in 12

Newsletter Issue #

Hey friends,

As some of you may already know, last week, I started a new freelance gig to extend my runway and have enough cash to continue my indie hacking journey. The only problem was finding the energy to work on my own stuff at the end of each day after my new 9-5 job. The week went by, and I didn't make any progress with my projects. I was afraid that I'm going to lose my momentum.

On Thursday, I had a casual video call with another fellow indie hacker @Scotty. Scotty told me about his plan for this year to bootstrap 12 startups, a startup for every month, Peter Levels style. I got excited about the idea. I thought it could be an excellent opportunity to boost my motivation and hold me accountable, so I jumped on board to join Scotty.

What is the plan? very simple, every month, each one of us will launch a different project. This month, Scotty is working on Panda Snap, a browser extension to snapshot webpages or elements, and save them to inspire your future product designs! While I will be working on my Twitter extension to manage and keep half-baked tweets & threads.​

Next week, both of us should have a working MVP to share it with beta testers. And another week, till the end of the month, to prepare for the big launch πŸŽ‰. I'm excited to see what this challenge is hiding for us and looking forward to sending you more updates next week!

Have a great week! Let's ship πŸš€


Quote of the Week

"You don’t have to be the victim of your environment. You can also be the architect of it"
James Clear, Atomic Habits